World Oceans Day: IUCN Redlist focus on marine species

9th June 2020

On the Red List, one of the key areas of focus in the marine environment has been on assessing species from the deep oceans to get ahead of the curve of companies starting to exploit resources from those depths. A particular focus has been the Scaly-foot Snail, our Amazing Species for this week.  We think this is the first thermal vent snail to be assessed for the Red List and assessed as Endangered due to the potential impacts of deep sea mining around these vents.

In the July update of the Red List in 2019, IUCN were “Shining a light on the deep” featuring the Scaly-foot Snail along with assessments of various lantern fish species.

Meanwhile, the Shark Specialist Group are busy reassessing all the world’s shark and ray species and various groups have been highlighted recently including the rhino ray – the most threatened shark families.

All groupers have been assessed twice and many other marine fish groups are now completely assessed (anchovies, angelfishes, billfishes, blennies, bonefishes, butterflyfishes, cornetfishes, groupers, parrotfishes, pufferfishes, sardines, sturgeons, surgeonfishes, tarpons, tunas, picarels, porgies, seahorses, seabreams, syngnathid fishes). Over in the mollusc world, the cone snails are all assessed and work is underway to assess all mussels, oysters and abalone.

yellow seashore