Workshop report: Assessing and valuing ecosystem services (December 2009)

Workshop report: Assessing and valuing ecosystem services (December 2009)

A Shared Challenges Programme workshop on 7th December 2009 brought together people from across CCI and beyond to discuss and share experiences on ecosystem services projects. It highlighted some exciting opportunities for new joint initiatives.

At the outset, a broad framework for the discussions was set by organisational perspectives on ecosystem services and explored some fundamental issues, including whether the ecosystem services agenda simply requires a ‘repackaging’ of conservation to demonstrate broad benefits to society or whether it requires a fundamental shift in how conservation works. Project presentations highlighted key challenges faced in assessing and valuing ecosystem services and working groups explored some of these in more depth including multiple objectives and trade-offs; establishing site-based monitoring for ecosystem services; and different stakeholders in ecosystem services policy.

Suggested citation:
CCI (2009) Workshop report: Assessing and valuing ecosystem services, Cambridge Conservation Initaitive, Cambridge, UK.

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Assessing and valuing ecosystem services

By bringing people with similar interests together in two workshops in 2009 and 2012, Shared Challenges has acted as a catalyst for a broad range of projects related to ecosystem services, helping to make this one of the most active areas of collaborative work across CCI. A highly successful workshop on ‘Assessing and valuing ecosystem…