Reducing the carbon footprint of conservation organisations

Reducing the carbon footprint of conservation organisations

This report, produced by the CCI-CCF Carbon Management Task Force, showcases a range of carbon saving projects from across Cambridge and outlines measures that organisations can take to reduce the net carbon emissions from their activities, ranging from best office practices to travel and carbon accounting. Depending on the size and nature of the organisation, and the CO2 abatement measures already in place, the relative costs and benefits of each of the measures suggested in this document will vary from organisation to organisation, but it is hoped that this document will provide a reference point from which each organisation can work towards their individual goals.

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Collaboration / Project(s)

Carbon management and the ‘greening’ of conservation organisations in Cambridge

In 2008, a report commissioned by the Cambridge Conservation Forum (CCF) and UNEP-WCMC, reviewed the state of the voluntary carbon market and how organisations in Cambridge offset and reduce their carbon emissions. Building on this report, the Shared Challenges Programme brought together representatives from a range of CCF and CCI partner organisations and the University of…