CCI workshop report: CCI and China 1 – Where are we and what next? (17th December 2012)

CCI workshop report: CCI and China 1 – Where are we and what next? (17th December 2012)

The title of the 1 day workshop was “CCI and China 1: Where are we and what next?” and the aims of it were for CCI partners to:

  1. Share information on current and planned projects in China
  2. Discuss practical challenges and opportunities being encountered by partners, both in the course of their work and in relation to China
  3. Identify scope for closer collaboration between organisations/projects to address these challenges and opportunities and to share lessons learnt
  4. Explore and then develop opportunities for future CCI collaborations, including applications to the CCI Collaborative Fund in May 2013

The workshop was divided into morning and afternoon sessions. The focus of the morning was to provide an overview of the work that CCI partner organisations and University Departments are doing in China. After more talks in the afternoon, people with similar interests were grouped together to brainstormed ideas for possible collaborative CCI projects in China and to begin to develop project concepts related to these.

Some of these concepts may be developed into applications for the CCI Collaborative Fund, and meetings in early 2013 will continue these discussions and more details will be posted on this page as these ideas evolve.

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CCI and China: where are we and what next?

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