CCI & CCF workshop: Carbon management and offsetting (9th Dec 2012)

CCI & CCF workshop: Carbon management and offsetting (9th Dec 2012)

This workshop aimed to progress the thinking on reducing the footprints of conservation organizations across Cambridge. In order to achieve this, the workshop looked to review a 2008 commissioned report on this matter, to hear updates since that time on the steps taken by organizations on carbon offsetting and reduction, and to think about developing potential CCI/CCF-wide ideas and approaches to building carbon offsetting policy as an integral part of a carbon management strategy in a manner that could benefit both carbon sequestration and biodiversity initiatives.

Topics discussed during the workshop included:

  1. What emissions reduction and offsetting policies do organizations currently have and why where they chosen?
  2. How successful are these approaches?
  3. What are the constraints/barriers?
  4. What indicators does each organisation/department use to monitor success?
  5. How could a CCI/CCF joint strategy help your organisation/department?
  6. Agreement on next steps and how to take this project forwards

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