Briefing on IPBES (January 2014)

Briefing on IPBES (January 2014)

In December 2013, the IPBES Plenary decided a work programme for IPBES and agreed on a budget, and 2014 is therefore the year in which the work will really start. The CCF/CCI briefing reported back on the IPBES Plenary, and on the decisions taken there. It outlined the agreed work programme, and what will happen over 2014 as implementation begins. The briefing was given by Jerry Harrison and Thomas Koetz of UNEP-WCMC.

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Moving conservation into the mainstream: collaborative CCI action in support of IPBES

IPBES – the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services – is the result of half a decade of intergovernmental discussion and negotiation. It aims to solve a major and seemingly intractable problem – how to translate biodiversity and ecosystem information into effective policy responses to reduce biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation. It is…