Analysing and Interpreting Citizen Science Data

Analysing and Interpreting Citizen Science Data

The Collaborative Fund project ‘Citizen science for conservation in Africa (CISCA)‘ will help translate citizen science species monitoring into conservation action in Africa. There is huge potential for citizen science to help conservation managers engage people to collect the valuable data they need for managing their important habitats and species. This project will give these managers the skills they need to analyse their citizen science data and present their results, so they can inform conservation practice and policy. The project is bringing together the expertise of TBA, BTO and Cambridge Zoology Museum from the UK with the National Museums of Kenya and the Kenya Bird Map committee in Kenya. 

The first workshop was held on 8-12 April 2019, hosted by the National Museums of Kenya. The 23 attendees are working on diverse citizen science projects – from mammals to birds, plants to reptiles, dragonflies to seahorses. 

Find out more on the project page.

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