Reimagining Europe’s landscapes: ELP announces grants to catalyse new restoration initiatives

25th July 2019

 New grants from the Endangered Landscapes Programme mean that steps will be taken to plan for the restoration of some of Europe’s most iconic landscapes. From Iceland’s extensive wetlands that were drained for conversion to agriculture and have impacted migratory waterfowl, to the Azov-Black Sea ecological corridor where development has degraded land and aquatic ecosystems, the potential exists to restore biodiversity and ecosystem processes to benefit people and nature

The Endangered Landscapes Programme have just announced that after a highly competitive process that attracted over 100 applications for funding, over US$800,000 has been awarded in Project Planning Grants. The grants will allow partnerships to develop new and innovative restoration initiatives across Europe, and address the challenges associated with restoration work at a landscape scale. 

For further information and exciting summaries of projects taking place please visit the Endangered Landscapes Programme.

The Endangered Landscapes Programme is a partnership between the Cambridge Conservation Initiative and Arcadia, a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin. The funding of Project Planning Grants has received additional generous support from Fondation Segré.

Image credits: Thumbnail – LPN | Banner – James Wood