Collaborative Fund Projects

Collaborative Fund Projects have had significant conservation impact - informing and helping to shape conservation policy and building capacity for conservation.

Every Collaborative Fund project addresses a high priority biodiversity conservation issue and includes some combination of research, education, policy and practice.

The majority of projects are focused on contributing to high-level global conservation processes (CBD, SDGs, IPBES) and/or to thematic areas that are widely recognised as global conservation priorities (climate change, Natural Capital, food production/security).

The CCI Collaborative Fund aims to facilitate innovative and necessary collaborations between CCI members, with particular emphasis on enabling successful partnerships between University of Cambridge Departments and conservation organisations based in the Cambridge area.

Select Collaborative Fund Projects are featured as Case Studies in our Impact section.

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Sustainability criteria for biomass

The EU Directive on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources (the Renewable Energy Directive) sets a 20% mandatory target for the use of energy from renewable sources by 2020. Increased use of biomass has potentially wide-ranging impacts on biodiversity as it includes the: ‘biodegradable fraction of products, waste and residues from…

What do conservation practitioners want from remote sensing?

The data collected by earth observation remote sensing is a powerful tool for conservation and in such a rapidly changing field, it is essential that conservationists working with satellite imagery and the experts behind it work together to make the most of the technology and convert the results into action for conservation. The Shared Challenges…

The impacts of climate change on global biodiversity

Climate change is projected to have a significant effect upon the future rate of biodiversity loss. There is therefore an urgent need to identify the key mechanisms underpinning climate change impacts on biodiversity in order to best select climate change adaptation strategies. It is also essential that the scale of these changes are clearly communicated…