Research, Policy, Practice Interface

CCI partners draw together a wide range of practitioners, policy experts, researchers and other stakeholders to address major conservation issues, creating conservation solutions, highlighting new challenges and opportunities, and delivering new ways of integrating conservation research, policy and practical action for the benefit of biodiversity.

Through the CCI Collaborative Fund for Conservation, resources are available to CCI partners and their collaborators to facilitate such activities along with a growing body of CCI tools and models for collaborative working.

Capacity Building and Leadership

CCI is committed to providing world-class learning and leadership opportunities for those who want to understand biodiversity and ecosystems and the central role they play in the planet’s life support systems. As a key CCI collaboration, a Masters Programme in Conservation Leadership has been established to train future conservation professionals and draws on the rich and diverse skills, knowledge and expertise available across CCI partners.

Other CCI Collaborative Programmes include the Endangered Landscapes Programme, Natural Capital Hub and the Arts, Science & Conservation Programme.

Collaborative Fund

The CCI Collaborative Fund for Conservation exists to support innovative, collaborative conservation projects undertaken by CCI partners.

Endangered Landscapes Programme

The Endangered Landscapes Programme is building a future in which landscapes are enriched with biodiversity, establishing resilient, more self-sustaining ecosystems that benefit both nature and people.

Arts, Science and Conservation

The Arts, Science and Conservation Programme curates exhibitions, events, residencies, and collaborations, and an outstanding collection of original art, to draw the attention of audiences to the work of the Cambridge Conservation Initiative

Natural Capital

Natural capital approaches can make the economic values of nature more visible. CCI has committed to ‘place biodiversity at the heart of natural capital’

MPhil in Conservation Leadership

The MPhil in Conservation Leadership has taught 143 students from over 70 countries and has become a flagship teaching programme.