Our thanks to MAVA Foundation

14th March 2023

Following the announcement that MAVA will close this spring after almost 20 years of supporting conservation, we wanted to take a moment to offer our gratitude for all this remarkable organization has done for conserving biodiversity.

CCI’s home, the David Attenborough Building, would not have been created without support from MAVA, together with support from the University of Cambridge.

Since the completion of its redevelopment in 2017, this custom designed global hub for conservation has provided an opportunity for each of the CCI partners to work with each other. Through this project MAVA not only supported a building but played a key role in forging our collective culture, as a collaborative and innovative venture.

MAVA was founded by visionary conservationist Luc Hoffmann, the name was derived from the initials of his four children Maja, André, Vera, and Daria. André Hoffmann went on to become the President of the foundation. We are honoured to have Andre Hoffmann as valued member of our CCI Advisory Board.