“Nature is a key ally” – Nature Day at COP26

6th November 2021

“Nature is a key ally, whenever we restore the wild it will capture carbon and help us bring back balance to our planet.”

Our Honorary Patron Sir David Attenborough put nature at the heart of his address to world leaders at COP26 this week.

COP26 is a climate summit, but really there are two intertwined crises that must be addressed. Not only are we facing the destabilisation of our planet’s climate; we are also experiencing unprecedented and devastating biodiversity loss.

In June, the two UN bodies tasked with assessing climate science and biodiversity science, the IPCC, and the IPBES, authored a joint report for the first time. They concluded that climate change and biodiversity loss are, “closely interconnected”, “mutually reinforcing” and that you cannot solve one without considering the other.

To celebrate Nature Day at COP26 we have collated some of the key messages from our Partners highlighting the value of embedding nature protection into decarbonisation plans.

University of Cambridge:

Birdlife International:

British Ornithology Trust (BTO):

Fauna and Flora International:



TRAFFIC – Wildlife Trafficking Must be Part of the Climate Change Talks




This is just a brief snapshot from the enormous span of work our Partners are delivering to ensure nature and importance of biodiversity is embedded in discussions at COP26.