Nature for the Easter weekend

9th April 2020

It’s the long Easter weekend and although we may all be at home most of the time at the moment, there are still ways to mark the occasion.

If you are lucky enough to live somewhere close to fields or open countryside, you might be able to go out and look for the real Easter bunnies- probably not rabbits at all but hares (although this is disputed!). If you live in England, brown hares are the ones you’ll see but if you’re ever in the Scottish Highlands, look out for native mountain hares, too. Ireland also has its own sub-species of native mountain hare.

Easter means chocolate and if you are looking for ethically sourced treats, we have the answer. CCI partner RSPB don’t just work in the UK. They have projects all round the world, including the Gola Rainforest Project. This which combines growing cocoa to produce chocolate with supporting local communities and preserving wildlife in Sierra Leone. You can find out more here.

After you’ve had your fill of chocolate eggs, perhaps consider taking part in some citizen science looking at eggs of a different kind! CCI partner BTO’s nest recording scheme is one of many projects which the public can help with. You can do this in your back garden and report from just one nest box, or if you have a regular patch keep an eye on nests there. At the moment opportunities for getting out and about limited, but all records are useful so start in the garden, if you have one.