How can we save species? A live Q&A

1st April 2021

Do you have questions about how to save species?

Come along to the live Q&A with Jon Paul Rodríguez, who has spoken about ‘Yellow-shouldered parrot: Venezuela’; Mariana Martinez del Rio, who worked on the project ‘Women of the Land: conservation of golden eagle in Mexico‘; and Dan Danahar, a teacher at the Dorothy Stringer School who spoke about ‘Butterflies as agents of change within a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve’ Ask them your questions about what we can all do to help save species and increase biodiversity. This Q&A session is going to be chaired by Mike Maunder.

Photo left to right and top to bottom: Mike Maunder (photo credit: Stuart Bearhop), Jon Paul Rodríguez (photo credit: Kathryn M. Rodríguez-Clark), Mariana Martinez del Rio and Dan Danahar