Earth Optimism for Earth Day

22nd April 2021

Today is International Mother Earth Day With the theme ‘Restore our Earth’ we thought we’d remind you of some of the amazing stories of restoration that were shared during this year’s Earth Optimism event. Held virtually from March 26th – April 4th this festival celebrated conservation success and shared dozens of ways that everyone can contribute to a healthier, more biodiverse planet.

We heard some amazing stories of landscape restoration in Europe from the Endangered landscapes Programme which is working with organisations across Europe, from Turkey to the Cairngorms, Portugal to Belarus, to protect and restore a huge variety of landscapes and species that depend on them.

CCI partner RSPB described the work they are doing with governments, businesses and communities across the UK to restore nature at scale.

Meanwhile, on  smaller scale but just as important,  the Wildlife Trust’s fantastic young ambassador Henry shared lots of tips for making your garden more wildlife friendly. It’s great to see so many young people engaging with nature and the environment- check the Earth Optimism website for more stories from some inspiring young people.

You can find all the films with stories of conservation success, dedicated activists and diverse community engagement, as well as dozens of ideas for ways you can help the environment on our dedicated Earth Optimism website and on our YouTube channel.


Main image: An aerial photo of the River Pripyat and its surrounding floodplain meadows, wetlands and oxbow lakes. This is an extremely important site for migrating birds (mainly waders) who stop here to feed on the abundance of food before continuing their migration, and is the location of one of the Endangered Landscape Programme’s projects. Turov area, Polesia, Belarus. © Daniel Rosengren