CCI Endangered Landscapes Programme 2022 Impact Announced

1st March 2023

Image: Peter Cairns /

2022 was a big year for the Endangered Landscapes Programme. It marked the fourth year of funding of the programme’s first cohort of restoration projects and saw evidence of impact starting to be shared. In December, the second cohort of seven landscape and seascape restoration projects was announced.

Also in December 2022 a new Global Biodiversity Framework was agreed by signatories to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). The agreement includes measurable targets for restoration of 30% of the world’s degraded land. In Europe a new law on nature restoration has been proposed which will set legally binding targets for restoration. The work of the ELP makes an important contribution to delivering the ambitions of these global and regional agreements.

The newly released ELP Annual Review 2022 provides an insight into the programme’s activities to support landscape and seascape restoration in Europe through bringing together top stories from our projects, presenting the latest data from our programme impact indicators, and providing a summary of the programme’s annual accounts.