CCI/BTO Cuckoo Day

11th April 2016

CCI is looking forward to hosting a ‘Cuckoo day’ in the David Attenborough Building on 21 April that will bring together a series of talks, presentations and performances to explore the cuckoo, its ecology and cultural relevance.

UK cuckoos are already on their way back from their wintering areas, located in the forests of Central Africa, and the first birds will be back in the UK by late April. We can see the return of some of these birds in real time, thanks to the efforts of researchers at the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), who have been tracking the cuckoos with satellite-tags. BTO is organising the event in partnership with CCI, and Dr Chris Hewson of the BTO will be among those talking about their work during this informative, engaging and dynamic day. 

Other speakers include Michael McCarthy (journalist and author of Say Goodbye to the Cuckoo), Malcolm Green (a storyteller who will deliver a performance piece based on his journey following our UK cuckoos to West Africa), Toby Smith (a photojournalist and UCCRI artist in residence), Sara Zonneveld (who has been studying upland cuckoos in Devon), Dr Claire Spottiswoode (who has studied African cuckoos) and Geoff Sample (a sound recordist with a deep understanding of bird vocalisations and their cultural resonance). The day will end with a panel discussion, chaired by Dr Debbie Pain, which sets out to explore why the cuckoo has such an iconic status within our society and why it makes such an interesting catalyst for scientific and cultural studies.

The event is ticketed (at £22 per head to cover lunch and speaker expenses) and spaces are limited so please book early, via

More details, and a PDF of the programme, can be found at: