Bat week

28th October 2020

This week is Bat Week – a celebration of these fascinating flying mammals.  There are over 1,200 species worldwide- accounting for about one fifth of all mammals. Here in the UK almost a quarter of our mammal species are bats: there are 18 species, 17 of which breed here. You may be familiar with pipistrelle bats but have you heard of Nathusius’ pipistrelle, or the Alcathoe bat? You can read more about them on the Bat Conservation Trust website.

Bats have been receiving some negative press recently due to possible links to the Covid pandemic (you can read TRAFFIC’s perspective on this here). But they are hugely important to many ecosystems; as well as acting as pest controllers many act as pollinators and seed dispersers. Find out why bats matter here

Fauna & Flora International have been working since 2014 to conserve the biodiversity of Myanmar’s karst systems. These limestone caves are home to several bat species, and their guano is collected by local people to use as fertiliser. Read about this fascinating ecosystem here.