Engraving the Red List – Beatrice Forshall

Beatrice Forshall

Engraving the Red List – Beatrice Forshall

David Attenborough Building and Cornwall, 2017 – 2019

Beatrice Forshall is an artist and print maker who specialises in dry point engraving.

During her residency at CCI, Forshall worked alongside researchers, policy makers and specialist practitioners from the University of Cambridge, the Red List Unit at IUCN, TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, BirdLife International and Flora and Fauna International. Her work focused on a series of species that are threatened by global trade, ranging from the iconic Black Rhino Diceros bicornis, at risk because of trade in horn, to Sunda Pangolin Manis javanica, and on to far less well known species, such as the Tanzanian Whip Scorpion Damon variegatus which is widely collected for the pet trade.

Forshall studied printmaking at University College Falmouth and her work has always drawn upon the natural world, and on themes central to conservation. Prints are individually finished by hand, means that each final image varies slightly in form and colour and is therefore unique. Her prints are exhibited regularly throughout the UK, and the works developed as part of the CCI residency, for part of a body of work in threatened species that will feature in an artist’s monograph. A selection of her prints is on permanent exhibition in the David Attenborough Building.