Artists take up Residence in ELP Restoration Landscapes

18th November 2021

The CCI Endangered Landscapes Programme is delighted to announce the artists selected for the Endangered Landscapes Artist Residencies

The selected artists will be in residence in each of the CCI Endangered Landscape Programme’s restoration landscapes, applying collaborative, transdisciplinary arts practice to celebrate the distinctiveness of the landscapes supported by the Programme. Through the expression of their artistic practice, they will encourage a better understanding of the hopes, ambitions and opportunities that come with landscape restoration.

These new artist residencies build on CCI’s Arts, Science and Conservation Programme which develops interdisciplinary art that responds to the biodiversity and climate crisis. Collaborations between artists, scientists and communities, the sharing of ideas and perspectives, and the mutual understanding that emerges, can help transform the way that restoration is carried out. 

“Ecological restoration is a way of building a vision for a landscape’s future and key to this is the intimate relationship between land and people. Contemporary art is a potent way to explore the myriad relationships between communities and the repair of their landscapes”

– Dr. Mike Maunder, Executive Director of CCI. 

Each residency has been granted an award of between $3,150 and $5,400 and they will run until April 2022. Following completion of the residencies, the most exceptional artist will receive an additional prize of $2,500. 

The award’s judges, Heather Ackroyd, Tundi Agardy and Karen Thomas, sought artists who were interested in exploring how communities connected to the ELP’s transforming landscapes, and whose practice has the potential to empathetically reconnect people to nature and to communicate the challenges, impact, and opportunities for revival. An essential requirement for the award was that the artists must speak at least one of the languages spoken in the landscape where they will undertake their residency. 

You can look forward to showcases of the artist’s work here on the ELP website as the residencies continue. You can find more information on the artists in residence projects page. 

Endangered Landscapes Artist Residencies 2021

Robbie Synge in collaboration with Elizabeth Reeder & Amanda Thomson – Cairngorms Connect, Scotland, UK

Nico de Transilvania – Carpathian Mountains, Romania

Antony Lyons & Bárbara Carvalho – Greater Côa Valley, Portugal


Mathilde Fages & Raphaële Acquaviva – Danube Delta, Ukraine, Romania and Moldova

Volkan Hürsever – Gokova Bay to Cape Gelidonya, Turkey

Natela Grigalashvili – Iori River, Georgia

Oleksii Nahorniuk, Maksym Firsov, & Serhii Vusatii – Polesia, Belarus and Ukraine

TAIR Collective (Judith Musker Turner, Manon Awst & Beth Celyn) – Summit to Sea, Wales, UK