Andy Clements

17th December 2020

This week was the last for Andy Clements as CEO of CCI partner The British Trust for Ornithology. Andy joined BTO in 2007, taking over from Jeremy Greenwood. In that same year, Andy was part of the group which founded CCI. Since then, he’s been a consistent supporter of the organisation, including a recent term as Chair of Council and as a guest lecturer for the MPhil in Conservation Leadership. Meanwhile 2007 was a busy year for BTO; data collection began for Bird Atlas 2007–11, a project which Andy still looks back on as a major achievement. From the incredible volunteer effort, to brilliant leadership by staff, to publishing it in-house: it was a huge project to complete.

Our ‘bird’ partners- Andy with David Gibbons (RSPB) and Mel Heath (BirdLIfe International)

As CEO of the BTO, Andy often joined events to engage with members, volunteers, and staff. Working with young people was one of the areas for improvement pointed out in a 2018 BTO Horizons event, and Andy has been supportive of BTO’s work in this arena; from the Martin Garner Spurn Young Birder Award to the recent Youth Representatives initiative. He has also been a huge supporter of CCI’s public engagement.

Jo Elliot, current chair of CCI’s Council and Senior Conservation Director at FFI says: “the whole CCI community would like to thank Andy for the passion and commitment he has shown to shaping CCI’s collaborative vision, ensuring CCI is well led and governed by its Council, and most recently as Chair of CCI Council through the huge challenges of 2020; we wish him all the best, and welcome Juliet Vickery as our newest Council member”. Mike Maunder, CCI’s Executive Director, adds his thanks: “I have only known Andy for the last year but quickly witnessed his skills in planning, convening and coordinating. Andy certainly deserves the epithet “wise”… and has played a key role in the creation and stewardship of the CCI.”
We will miss Andy hugely and look forward to regular birding updates!