CCI’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) statement  

CCI’s vision is for a diverse world in which nature and society thrive. Our mission is to transform global understanding and conservation of biodiversity to secure a sustainable future for all life on earth. We do this through our unique partnership between the University of Cambridge and ten conservation organisations. We recognise that this partnership, and its ability to design and deliver solutions to the climate and biodiversity crisis, will be stronger and more effective if it is diverse and inclusive and one in which everyone is treated fairly and feels that they belong. 

Consequently, in CCI partnership projects and workspaces, we strive for a culture of inclusion, where everyone feels safe and respected, and to which everyone can contribute fully. Part of creating a safe space means actively acknowledging the biases that shape our everyday interactions. We must confront not only blatant harassment but also ‘micro-aggressions’: small comments, gestures or jokes that often go unaddressed. We are working to ensure our activities are productive, supportive, and inclusive and a positive experience for everyone.  

CCI’s EDI ambitions align with the University of Cambridge commitment to ensure equality of opportunity, support and encourage all underrepresented groups, promote an inclusive culture, and value diversity. The principles of equity, diversity and inclusion are central to the work of each of the partner conservation organisations. CCI, as a partnership, will reflect and reinforce these, advocating and fostering diversity and valuing individual differences, whether these are visible or nonvisible.   

In July 2023 we published a Code of Conduct for members of the CCI community on our intranet. This code will also be shared with external visitors invited to make presentations to CCI (e.g. those giving seminars) in advance of their visit, and they will be required to agree to abide by it. We will ensure that Council and other relevant members of the community have taken appropriate training, such as bystander, micro-aggression and unconscious bias training by early 2024.  

An EDI working group has been formed and consists of representation from across the CCI community and reports to the CCI Council. The group will develop, communicate, and implement a suite of EDI policies and undertake a set of further actions to enhance diversity and inclusivity across all areas of CCI’s work.  We will, in addition, ensure that the recruitment of positions to the Executive Director’s Office follows or exceeds University of Cambridge EDI practice.  

There are persistent barriers to equity, diversity, and inclusion in conservation and work to be done to remove those barriers and to achieve the systemic change required. As a collaboration, we will listen and are committed to creating a CCI that is equitable, diverse, and inclusive. 

This statement works in harmony with those of our partner organisations.  

Sincerely, the CCI Council, October 2023