CCI's vision is for a diverse world in which nature and society thrive

The years between 2021 and 2030 are pivotal for the conservation of nature

The COVID-19 pandemic that started this decade was in part a manifestation of the impacts that people can have on nature. Now is the time in which damage to, and loss of, biodiversity needs to be reversed in order to secure a sustainable and healthy future for our planet. Many international agreements, plans and frameworks are targeting 2030 as the year by which significant change must be underway, including the Sustainable Development Goals, the post-2020 global biodiversity framework and the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

CCI’s 2021-2030 Strategy

As part of our ecosystem of collaborative approaches, we have identified priority areas where we can deliver real change. We are focusing on immediate change, what we will deliver in the next decade, and preparing for long term responses, often intergenerational in their scope, that ensure a future where nature and society thrive.

By 2030 we will have:

  • Contributed extensively to the recovery of nature through restoration of landscapes, seascapes and ecosystem services, the recovery of threatened species and the building of a global cadre of conservationists who are ready for the challenges of the mid twenty-first century.
  • Continued to test, improve and apply collaborative models for working within CCI and beyond to ensure the full and effective use of our collective resources.
  • Strengthened the recognition of the David Attenborough Building as a global hub for conservation and a model for a living building.
  • Developed deeper strategic collaborations with researchers, universities, governments, business, communities and conservation organisations to create dialogues that leverage actions and deliver solutions.

CCI Strategy 2021 - 2030

CCI Strategy 2021 – 2030: ‘A diverse world in which nature and society thrive’

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CCI’s mission

CCI’s mission is for our partners to work together and with others to conserve and restore life on Earth

CCI’s values

  • We are collaborative, using the collective resources of CCI to engage with the global
  • We develop and test solutions that are innovative, creative and relevant to the
    real world
  • We are informed by evidence from varied sources
  • We are passionate about nature, and optimistic and ambitious for its recovery
  • We strive for diversity and inclusivity

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