Tim Wilkinson

Head of Informatics

Role: CCI collaborative projects, Project team member


I have 17 years experience in web / software development designing, developing and managing projects up to $1 million USD. Expert knowledge of UX design and Agile software management as well as web application development for the biodiversity sector.

As Head of the Biodiversity Informatics team I oversee the design and development of projects such as http://www.protectedplanet.net and http://www.speciesplus.net, collectively these applications receive over half a million visits per year.

I also lead on Digital Innovation within UNEP-WCMC, building on concepts such as the Blue Carbon application (https://wcmc.io/bluecarbon , developed with AGEDI http://agedi.org/), which is a cloud based geographic information system enabling field workers in the field to define habitat regions geospatially and assign attributes such as age, density and condition via their mobile tablets, and then instantly make these data to national level decision makers once they have a data connection.