Taylor Shaw

Conservation Scientist​
Endangered Landscapes & Seascapes Programme

Role: CCI team, Endangered Landscapes & Seascapes Programme


Taylor is supporting ELP-funded projects to monitor restoration interventions across multiple ecological and socio-economic dimensions, and more broadly to help build a robust evidence base for current and future restoration projects.

Previously, as a soundscape ecologist and doctoral candidate within the project ‘Conservation of Forest Biodiversity in Multiple-Use Landscapes of Central Europe’, she investigated how acoustic monitoring can be effectively employed as a high-resolution biodiversity monitoring tool. Taylor also worked on the Dr. FOREST project, which sought to quantify the ecosystem services and disservices provided by forests and their subsequent effects on human health.

Taylor’s previous research, in partnership with Flora and Fauna International (FFI), examined factors limiting the use of endangered tree species in the restoration of the highly threatened Araucaria forest. Prior to that, she worked in Cambodia to better understand the complex issues relating to deforestation and alternative livelihoods programming, and at the National Geographic Society.