Sophie Busch

Communications Manager

Role: CCI team


I started as the CCI Communications Manager in April 2021 and am excited to be helping to raise the profile of the work of this ground breaking initiative.

Prior to joining CCI I spent four years heading up the communications team at the Wildlife Trust BCN where I established a new digital marketing function and I enjoyed using my skills to communicate local conservation issues and to grow engagement with nature.

My specialism is video production and I have worked on a range of video campaigns from a social media carers’ rights advocacy campaign to BAFTA nominated cultural television series ‘Rooted’.

I have enjoyed a life-long love of the natural world and find myself frequently moved by the experiences it provides, whether that’s witnessing trance-like leatherback turtles laying their eggs in Costa Rica or watching a simple bumblebee in my own garden. I am committed to helping to protect and restore the natural world however I can.