Professor Dame Alison Richard

Senior Research Scientist
Yale University and Former V-C
University of Cambridge

Role: Advisory board


Having completed my term as Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University, I have returned fulltime to my never-abandoned academic and environmental interests. I am currently a Senior Research Scientist at Yale University, where I was a member of the faculty for many years and served as Provost between 1994 and 2002. My passion for conservation began when I was doing PhD research on the behavioral ecology of lemurs in Madagascar, and realized that helping to ensure a future for that island’s remarkable biodiversity must be an integral part of my future academic work. That realization became a lifelong commitment to conservation worldwide, as well as in Madagascar. 
In addition to chairing the CCI Advisory Board, I am a member of the WWF International Board, and serve as an advisor to Arcadia, and to the Liz Claiborne Art Ortenberg Foundation.

CCI is a powerful catalyst.  Embracing students as well as established practitioners and academics, the genius of CCI is its innovative way of integrating research, policy, and action in one of the world’s greatest, ideas-rich environments.”