Paul Herbertson

Environmental Markets
Fauna & Flora International

Role: CCI collaborative projects, Project lead, Project team member


Originally trained as a Zoologist but with a keen interest in the interaction between business and biodiversity. I now focus on emerging environmental markets, impact investment and engagement with the broader finance sector leading FFI’s work in these areas.  Before joining FFI in 2006 Paul lived and worked in Ecuador and Indonesia researching and advising on a range of issues including sustainable oil and gas exploration and palm oil development. Recently spent time with F&C asset management and The Body Shop International where he identified and advised on the economic incentives and the supporting structures needed to encourage companies to protect tropical rainforests and analysed company exposure to natural commodities with environmental and/or social risk throughout the supply chain globally, respectively. He also has experience in the UK working with the South Downs National Park Authority and the Environment Agency, analysing and recommending on economic opportunities for rural businesses. He has an MBA from the University of Cambridge, an MSc from King’s College London and a BSc from Cardiff University.