Paul Bellamy

Senior Conservation Scientist

Role: RSPB


I am RSPB’s researcher leading on UK woodlands. I have a remit for leading projects on pressures on broadleaved woodland, impacts of forestry, and single species projects identifying causes of population decline and species recovery. Prior to taking up this role in 2012, I have worked on landscape ecology of woodland birds, impacts of agri-environments schemes and novel crops and upland peatland waders. Whilst primarily a woodland bird ecologist, I have also worked on plants, invertebrates, small mammals, and bats.

#Current projects:
UKRI Future of of UK Treescapes – DiversiTree
CCI Collaborative Fund – Where will new woodlands yield the greatest benefits for bird conservation?
LIFE Restoring the Celtic Temperate Rainforest of Wales toward Favourable Conservation Status
NE, RSPB Action for Birds in England – Causes of Hawfinch population declines, Predicting Willow tit distributions