Melissa Tolley

Head of Business
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Role: CCI collaborative projects, Project team member


As Head of Business and Biodiversity, I manage UNEP-WCMC’s business engagement and support for the global development of business and biodiversity approaches. I oversee Proteus, which aims to improve the quality and dissemination of global information on biodiversity and provide resources to business to facilitate biodiversity management. UNEP-WCMC’s business and biodiversity work involves engagement with the private sector through partnerships and company-specific projects; provision of resources for business; support for the development of globally standardized mechanisms for achieving biodiversity conservation through business practice; and analysis of development activity within biodiversity sensitive areas.

I am a primatologist by training, with much field experience in research and conservation and have worked extensively in Indonesia (and other Southeast Asian countries) and Madagascar. Prior to my current role at UNEP-WCMC, I worked within the oil palm sector as a conservation manager, implementing conservation strategy and management at project sites and facilitating partnerships with non-governmental organizations and governments for collaborative conservation projects. I have spent much time in the field and lived and worked with forest-dependent human communities and speak fluent Indonesian.