Mark Spalding

Senior Marine Scientist
Global Marine Team
The Nature Conservancy

Role: CCI collaborative projects, Project lead



My research is focused on understanding patterns in the distribution of marine ecosystems, on threats, and drivers of change in marine biodiversity; and on conservation efforts in the oceans.

Working with The Nature Conservancy gives me a chance both to learn from, and to influence, one of the largest marine conservation organisations in the world, with active field-based interventions in 35 countries. At the same time I am based in the Department of Zoology in Cambridge, and have worked collaboratively with partners across Cambridge, most notably in publications on MPAs (see here). Within the University we have been able to support two other post-docs and a research assistant to rapidly advance the science of quantifying marine ecosystem services for mangrove forests and oyster reefs, and this work is now scaling up through a range of other projects.