James Wilson, The Lord Moran

Chairman and Managing Partner

Role: Advisory board


I am  currently Chairman and Managing Partner of Source2, a company I co founded in 2006  to focus primarily on starting and building technology enabled service businesses in the energy sector, with a focus on clean energy. We currently own and are growing five companies, including an HVAC energy efficiency solutions business for labs and commercial buildings (Aircuity), an industrial efficiency business providing predictive maintenance solutions (AzimaDLI), a  software and services company for the design and construction  industry, with a focus on green tools (SmartBIM), and  a clean power electronics company commercializing solid oxide fuel cells (Acumentrics).
Before Source2, I was a founding partner of Boston Ventures, one of the leading U.S media private equity funds, responsible for building the firm’s practice in the  information services industries. Jane and I, who met at Cambridge in the early 70s, live in Boston and have two sons, David and Alistair. I have been actively involved with supporting Cambridge for over 10 years, first with a supporter group for  the Cambridge development office, then on the Board of Cambridge in America, on which Jane now serves and most recently on the capital campaign board.
My other not for profit involvements currently include the Salvation Army, an innovation fund for Brookline High school, and the University of Virginia. In the conservation field, I helped to start a company in Madagasacar (Madagascar Bamboo) that makes bamboo flooring from locally grown bamboo.

CCI is highly unusual in seeking to marry cross disciplinary university research with practical applications for defined and measurable conservation outcomes. This is a difficult but very worthwhile experiment.”