Ian Burfield

Global Science Coordinator (Species)
BirdLife International

Role: CCI collaborative projects, Project lead


As a member of BirdLife’s Global Science Team, I provide scientific input to BirdLife’s conservation programmes, especially Preventing Extinctions, to ensure that robust science informs and drives conservation action, and underpins BirdLife’s policy and advocacy. I coordinate various aspects of BirdLife’s science, especially species-related elements, including overseeing the Red List team and serving as the nominated coordinator of the Red List Authority for the world’s 11,000 bird species.

Before joining the Global Science Team in 2013, I spent ten years overseeing science for BirdLife’s European Division. This included coordinating the production of Birds in Europe (2004) and the European Red List of Birds (2015), both of which assessed the conservation status of all European bird species to identify priorities for action. I also helped BirdLife Partners across Europe to apply BirdLife’s Important Bird Area (IBA) criteria to identify key sites for biodiversity conservation, many of which have subsequently been protected under the EU Birds Directive and the Bern Convention. I also served as BirdLife’s representative on the European Bird Census Council, and helped to steer both the Pan European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme and the 2nd European Breeding Bird Atlas.