Gayle Burgess

Behavioural Change Coordinator

Role: CCI collaborative projects, Project team member


I have 20+ years’ experience applying behavioural science for conservation, sustainable- and international-development solutions. 

I have worked at TRAFFIC since 2011, where I lead a portfolio of work on Social and Behavioural Change Communications, combatting wildlife crime and promoting responsible /sustainable consumption. Activities include projects in East and Southeast Asia, and leading a ‘Community of Experts and Practitioners’, developing resources to enhance the application of behavioural science for biodiversity benefit. 

I am currently working on resources that will be shared as part of guidance for CITES Parties reducing demand for illegal wildlife products, and on the World Bank’s ‘Online Learning Campus’, to support Global Wildlife Program participants.

I also sit on the ‘Global Consortium of Demand Reduction Specialists’ convened by the UK government, and am the Co-Chair of the CCI Special Interest Group on Human Behaviour.