Francesco Ficetola

Professor of Biology
University of Milan

Role: CCI collaborative projects, Project team member


I’m professor at the University of Milan, where I lead a research team working on the conservation and management of animal biodiversity. In my research, I combine genetics and modelling tools to better understand how environmental systems change, which factors determine their modifications, and what are the consequences across multiple spatial and temporal scales. My current research activities include: 1) Studying the factors that determine the biodiversity of amphibians and reptiles, both at broad and local spatial scales; 2) Improving our understanding of biological invasions, and of their impact on native species; 3) Using Environmental DNA (eDNA) for the study of impact of human activities on present and past biodiversity. In the long term, I would like to integrate the eDNA-analysis of ecosystems, which provide lot of information over fine spatial scales, with the macroecological approach, in order to obtain results that are more general and that can be applied over broader areas.