Dr Silviu O Petrovan

Research Associate
Department of Zoology

Role: CCI collaborative projects, Project team member


I am broadly interested in understanding the effects of anthropogenic changes on biodiversity and improving evidence-based solutions for counteracting negative effects at population or landscape scale. My main areas of work have been on:

(1) road impacts (mortality, fragmentation,  isolation, pollution) on amphibian and small and medium-sized mammalian populations. This includes movement patterns and using road-based surveys for large-scale monitoring.

(2) harnessing the power of citizen science in long-term datasets for amphibians and reptiles including for emerging diseases.

(3) how landscape management shapes the outcome of plant-animal interactions such as grazing and species distribution in relation to lagomorphs.

My current work at Conservation Evidence is the production of the updated Bird Conservation book as well as the new What Works In Conservation volume.