Dr Roger Mitchell CBiol, FSB

Cambridge Conservation Forum


I am the Treasurer of the Cambridge Conservation Forum, a network of 56 conservation organisations based in and around Cambridge, working at local, national and international levels. The Forum’s purpose is to strengthen links and encourage joint initiatives between conservation practitioners and researchers, and also to broaden awareness of this exceptional pool of local experience and expertise.

Most of my working life has been in Government and the Government Agencies as Senior Scientist in the Department of the Environment’s Central Water Planning Unit, Head of Marine Science in the Nature Conservancy Council and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee and National Manager of Species and Biodiversity in English Nature. Since then I have been International Chief Scientist at the Earthwatch Institute, Executive Chairman of the NGO Natura International, Environmental Director of the Arcadia Fund and Chairman of the Management Board of the Corrour Estate. Presently, I am a Director of the NGO Amphibian and Reptile Conservation, Managing Director of ARC Ecological Services Ltd and Joint Chief Editor of Conservation Evidence.