Dr Kerry Brink

Aquatic Ecologist
Reaching Rivers and World fish Migration Foundation

Role: CCI collaborative projects, Project team member


I am an aquatic ecologist residing in the Netherlands. I completed my PhD specializing in ecotoxicology in South Africa in 2010 and gained experience working as an aquatic ecologist for a few years in Africa.  After immigrating to The Netherlands, I have been involved in the coordination of a number of international projects related to protecting and conserving migratory fish around the world. Since 2014, I have had a key role in the global coordination of World Fish Migration Day (WFMD) – a hugely successful global initiative to create awareness and bring people together. I am also actively involved in building a global community of people working on fish migration and am currently focused on raising awareness on the fish passage needs among colleagues in Africa. I am the author of multiple peer-reviewed articles and the lead author of the From Sea to Source 2.0 book published in 2017.