Professor Juliet Vickery

Head of International Research
RSPB Centre for Conservation Science
RSPB.Honorary Research Fellow
Department OF Zoology
University of Cambridge. Honorary Professor
School of Biological Sciences
University of East Anglia.

Role: CCI collaborative projects, Project lead, Project team member


I am a specialist in applied ornithology; my key research interests are in ‘diagnosing causes of species decline and developing political or practical solutions to stem or reverse those declines’. I am particularly interested in the impact of land use change on farmland and migratory bird populations and practical and policy approaches to integrating conservation goals with those of human development and livelihoods. I currently lead a team of scientists who work with partner organisations throughout the world to strengthen their capacity to undertake scientific research that will underpin the conservation of biological diversity. This team has strong research programmes in UKOTs, tropical forests, migrant birds and globally threatened species. I am also an Honorary Professor at The University of East Anglia, an Honorary Research Fellow at The University of Cambridge, President of the British Trust for Ornithology and a member of the Darwin Initiative Expert Committee


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