Dr Hazell Shokellu Thompson

BirdLife International

Role: CCI collaborative projects, Project team member



I am a Conservation Biologist with more than 25 years experience in NGO capacity development, teaching and research in ecology, ornithology and conservation. As a lecturer in Zoology at the University of Sierra Leone (my home country), I designed and introduced the  first conservation biology course into the curriculum of any University in Sierra Leone; and conducted the first comprehensive study of the rare White-necked Picathartes (Picathartes gymnocephalus) in West Africa. I served as  Regional Director of BirdLife International’s Africa Programme based in Nairobi, Kenya  for 10 years, leading and supporting a conservation programme spanning 23 counties. I am currently Global Director, Partnership, Capacity and Communities, BirdLife International, responsible for capacity development and coordination in a unique partnership of 117 NGOs across the world.