Dr David Aldridge

Aquatic Ecology Group
Department of Zoology

Role: Governing body, University conservation working group


I head the Aquatic Ecology Group in Cambridge University’s Department of Zoology. My interests focus on applied freshwater ecology and include projects across the world. In China and Bangladesh I have used native taxa to help biomanipulate and restore eutrophic lakes and wetlands, and I am training local scientists in the development of Biotic Indices to monitor water quality. I have a particular interest in the ecology and management of aquatic invasive species, working closely with industry, NGOs and government to develop effective horizon-scanning methods, risk assessment tools and rapid response plans.

My work has attracted a number of awards, including the World Bank’s Development Award (2006) for sustainable improvement of water quality in developing countries and the Entec Medal (2007) for contributions towards environmental protection. I am also co-founder and Managing Director of BioBullets Limited, a technology company with an environmentally safe solution for the control of invasive biofoulers.