Dave Williams

Lecturer in Sustainability and the Environment
Sustainability Research Institute
University of Leeds

Role: CCI collaborative projects, Project team member


I am a conservation scientist interested in preserving the incredible diversity of life on Earth while also looking after people. I largely do this by examining how different land-use strategies change the impact of food production on biodiversity, working at a range of scales and incorporating insights from multiple different disciplines: whilst my background is in natural sciences, understanding future land-use change will rely at least as much on social science disciplines, as on traditional conservation disciplines such as ecology.

In particular, my main areas of research at the moment are:

  • Local and regional land-use strategies that provide everything that people need at the least cost to the natural world
  • Global patterns of land-use change and the likely impacts on biodiversity
  • Understanding and tackling the underlying drivers of biodiversity decline
  • Maximising the impact of research