Charlie Butt

Partnership Manager - CEMEX Global Partnership
BirdLife International

Role: CCI collaborative projects, Project team member


Currently I manage BirdLife International’s partnership with CEMEX, one of the world’s largest building materials companies. My academic roots in conservation stem from an MSc in Ecology, Evolution & Conservation at Imperial College. Experience as a practitioner in the ‘real world’ started at the British Ecological Society, focussing on the ecology-policy interface before moving onto the RSPB and the world of mineral extraction and restoring wildlife, through the Nature After Minerals programme. Key aspects of my current role include brokering strategic partnerships between BirdLife Partners and national CEMEX operations, policy issues – including the recent facilitation of joint policy statement on the EU Nature Directives – and guiding the implementation of site Biodiversity Action Plans (BAPs) through local partnerships; BAPs are CEMEX’s principal tool for applying the mitigation hierarchy. The global conservation programme now has a growing portfolio of best-practice from flyway site conservation in Asia to Sonoran grassland restoration in Mexico.