Carles Carboneras

Migrant Landbird Study Group

Role: CCI collaborative projects, Project team member


I work as Programme Manager in a species conservation programme for migratory landbirds in the Afro-Palaearctic system. The RSPB Migrants Programme focuses on research and conservation delivery and has links with policy and capacity building of local Partners. Our team delivered an ambitious International Species Action Plan to halt the decline of the globally-threatened European Turtle-dove by improving habitat conditions, especially on the breeding grounds, and addressing unsustainable hunting; my current focus is precisely on delivering on those objectives.

I am interested in the population and movement ecology of birds, and in the interaction between evidence and conservation. I chair the Migrant Landbird Study Group ExCo, an independent study group to streamline research efforts that will inform conservation action for migrant landbirds within a global conservation context, with a particular focus on the Africa-Eurasia flyways.