Bruno Monteferri

The Peruvian Society for Environmental Law


I specialize in environmental law, and focus on conservation policy and strategies. I have worked for the Peruvian Society for Environmental Law since 2005 and am now Director of SPDA`s Private Conservation Initiative. I have been legal advisor to various national, regional and local authorities responsible for establishing and managing protected areas in Peru and supported the government during a process that allowed granting ~100000 km2 for conservation and ecotourism. I have advised Pacaya Samiria National Reserve on the design and implementation of strategies against illegal logging and on how to allow commercialization of natural resources based on management plans.

I have a special interest in how communications, media and art can promote further engagement of the civil society in conservation issues. I have developed several projects including Regiones Sostenibles, a free newspaper distributed widely in the Peruvian Amazon, Conservamos por Naturaleza a campaign to reconnect people with nature and Games for Nature which approaches the potential of games for conservation purposes. I chair the Young Professionals Group of IUCN Commission of Environmental Law and have published books and papers related to conservation issues.

I have an MPhil in Conservation Leadership from the University of Cambridge and have recently been awarded with the Carlos Ponce Award to Young Conservationists. I currently work with the Peruvian Environmental Law Society as Director of the Private and Communal Conservation Initiative.