Beth Clark

Seabird Science Officer
BirdLife International

Role: CCI collaborative projects, Project team member


I am a Seabird Science Officer at BirdLife International. I manage the Seabird Tracking Database and analysis seabird data for conservation projects such as the spatial patterns in the exposure of petrels and plastics, and Tristan Albatross population trends in relation to mouse eradication. During my PhD with Steve Votier (University of Exeter, Penryn), I investigated the ecology and energetics of northern gannet foraging behaviour, focusing on scavenging from fisheries, sexual segregation and latitude. I collect and analyse spatial data, bird-borne video, altitude, tri-axial acceleration and stable isotopes. I’ve also worked with brown boobies, Ascension frigatebirds and Guanay cormorants to use tracking to support Marine Protected area designation and fisheries interactions