Benjamin van Wijngaarden

Collaborations and Engagement Manager

Role: CCI team


I am Collaborations and Engagement Manager whilst Elizabeth Allen is on maternity leave. I studied International Development Studies, and afterwards worked for a number of NGOs in the Netherlands. In 2019 I moved to the UK and joined Cambridge University Press.

I’ve managed complex projects and programmes for most of my career. Without exception these have been collaborative endeavours. I relish the opportunity to find efficient ways of delivering impact, whilst making sure people feel supported and appreciated.

I’ve been fascinated by the natural world from a young age, seeded by the wildlife photography of my family in South Africa, growing further through watching countless BBC NHU productions. Volunteering as a Climate Coach with the Cambridge Conservation Volunteers no longer felt like enough, so I was very pleased to pivot my professional life towards supporting conservation. Creating a culture of giving, where people support one another, is something I try to foster wherever I go. Creating more connections in – and outside of CCI is what I hope to do to make this happen.