Arjan Berkhuysen

Managing Director World Fish Migration Foundation

Role: CCI collaborative projects, Project team member


I started my career studying business administration and working for shipping multinational P&O Nedlloyd. After some years I followed my heart and changed course by doing a Masters in environmental management. I then became a lobbyist for a Dutch NGO aimed at greening the EU agricultural policies. After several years in Brussels I became head of the water programme of WWF NL, where I focussed on restoration and protection of estuaries worldwide and started a programme bringing back the sturgeon in the Netherlands. I then became director of the Waddenvereniging, a Dutch NGO protecting the Unesco Worldheritage Waddensea. I am particularly proud to have started the innovative Fish Migration River project on the lower Rhine, with the goal of restoring the great and crucial Rhine Swimway routes. The project made me so enthusiastic on the issue of fish migration that I now manage the new World Fish Migration Foundation.