Anne-Sophie Pellier

BirdLife International

Role: CCI collaborative projects, Project lead, Project team member


Since 2018, I am leading the work on ecosystem services and natural capital across BirdLife International’s secretariat. This, for instance, includes to coordinate and lead on the development of the Toolkit for Ecosystem Service Site-based Assessment (TESSA;, which provides ecosystem service assessment methods for non-specialists.

Examples of projects I am managing relate to: understanding the Economics of NbS (value) through cost-benefit analysis to advocate for investment from governments and the private sector into their implementation; integrating a new framework on natural capital in TESSA; and developing a new module for TESSA on air quality regulation.

My current work is committed to valuing nature in collaboration with International stakeholders to inform evidence-based decision making on sustainable natural resource use, Nature-based Solutions, restoration, and biodiversity protection.