Anastasios (Tasso) Paul Leventis

A G Leventis Foundation

Role: Advisory board


I am a Director of Leventis Group International Companies, which have investments worldwide and the Chairman of the A G Leventis Foundation.
As well as my business activities, which are mainly in the industrial and distribution sectors, I have been involved in nature conservation and activities encouraging an environmental approach to development.  These have extended from West Africa, where I have spent much of my working life, to other parts of Africa, Southern Europe and South America.  As a result of this interest, I have served as Trustee on the Boards of a number of international civil organisations, all of which have a focus on finding solutions to the degradation of the natural environment. I hold honorary Doctorates from the University of Jos and the Agricultural University of Abeokuta, both in Nigeria.

CCI brings together Cambridge University, an acknowledged world-leader in scientific research, and numerous leading civil environmental organisations from the Cambridge area.  This creates a critical mass capable, with economy of effort, of exerting real influence on world conservation research, on knowledge dissemination and action.